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An automatic sprinkler system is a home improvement project worth considering. Not only will it help maintain a healthy, beautiful lawn and landscape which you can enjoy with your friends and family, but it’s the most convenient and efficient way to ensure your property gets the water it needs without over-or under-watering. Below are some tips/items to consider for your irrigation system.
  · The a.m. is the best time to water the lawn because the air is cooler and there's usually not much wind to blow the droplets. In
      the middle of the day, water evaporates too quickly. And in the evenings, water can cling to the blades of grass overnight, which
can cause lawn diseases. The best time is early in the morning: 4 a.m. to 10 a.m.
   · Water long enough to moisten the soil about 6 inches down, which is the depth of a healthy grass root system. To see how far the
     moisture seeps down, check the soil every 15 minutes during the first watering. The best way to test is to take a shovel and lift up
     the sod. Time how long it takes the water to work its way that far into the ground, then set your system to water for that duration.
   · People think they need to water the lawn like they water their landscape plants. They want to water for 15 minutes every day. You
     don't want to over-water. Most people think more water is better. But it's not. Too much watering can lead to fungus and a shallow
   · Lawns in new housing developments where the topsoil was removed often have a soil so hard water won't sink in. In that case,
     homeowners need to water in stages to soften the ground so the water can work its way down. Water for 15 minutes (rotors) or 5
     minutes (sprays), let it soak in, then water for another 15 minutes (rotors) or 5 minutes (sprays). If you do it all at once, after 15
     minutes the water will run off. 
   · To assist in conserving water companies manufacture rain shut-off and moisture sensing devices. Homeowners should ask their
     irrigation professional which products can help them realize water and cost savings over the lifetime of their sprinkler system.